Essay: Analysis of Trifles

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Essay: Analysis of Trifles

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The play was set during winter and this is symbolic in the sense that the attitudes of the people involved are cold. The sheriff says, “It dropped below zero last night” (Glaspell and Landes 8) to show how cold the place was at that time. Mrs. Wright’s “fruit; it did freeze” and burst from their containers (Glaspell and Landes 8) shows that the coldness of her husband’s attitude led to the explosion of her mind.  The death of John Wright is symbolized by the broken jars that let out the preserves since his death has led to Minnie becoming free. The setting shows how men took advantage of women’s rights during that era. They did not care how the women felt due to being belittled overtime.

The setting in the play shows that there is tension in the kitchen. The fact that the women are hiding evidence from the men creates a lot of suspense in the play, as no one knows whether they will release the evidence. The temperatures that are in the environment are reminiscent of what has been happening in the house of the Wrights. Minnie has had her rights violated by her husband and thus she has exploded just like the cans. There are broken preservatives in the kitchen symbolizing how the coldness in that house has affected the relationship between Minnie and her husband John right. The setting shows a picture of a gloomy place whereby there is a lot tension.

  • The house has been deserted meaning it is shaggy
  • From the outside, it is very cold since it is during the winter
  • In the kitchen, which is the stage, there are broken preservatives so it is very disorganized
  • There is a damaged bird cage and a dead a canary in the kitchen
  • All the characters look confused since they do not know what killed John Wright
  • There is tension in the kitchen because the men are not asking for the women’s’ opinion

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