Essay: Analysis of terminology in The Apology

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Essay: Analysis of terminology in The Apology

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As far as the terminology is concerned, the word ‘corrupting’ becomes an essential source of argument. This is because, taking into view the current time period and the way of living of Athens at that time is concerned, it does seem that he is, in a manner speaking, sidelining their views to mirror his own.

Thus, the youth and its ideals have been too some extent been warped. Therefore, the term corruption does seem to apply in its strictest sense. Whether or not his purpose stemmed from good intentions, the very essence of his action was against the state and court at that time. The defense that he applies is essentially strong, and holds weight. However, he does admit to some of the charges, and even his defense, where he continues to impeach the legal ability of the jury, works against him and his logic, rather than being convinced. He is pronounced guilty by a small margin, which assures that to some extent, his defense may have made its mark on some, but the general politics and the influence of the accusers managed to sway the rest. (The Apology)

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