Essay: Analysis of the result of Study on Obesity

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Essay: Analysis of the result of Study on Obesity

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Research indicates that verbal self-reports could be too complex to interpret for scientific purposes.  Besides, self-evaluation of thoughts, overt acts, and personal characteristics has a lot in common with psychophysical judgments about external stimuli (Colpaert, 1978).  We have suggested previously that our participant for this study did not clearly explain herself at least in one answer where she mentioned depression.

And although the results of this present study validated the developmental theories of both B. F. Skinner and Lev Vygotsky – operant condition and sociocultural perspective, respectively – we need to exercise caution in terms of generalizing the results to a population.  We only used one participant, and so this study provides solid groundwork for research to progress in this area, with more participants the next time around.

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