Essay: Analysis of Research Methods; Quantitative

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Essay: Analysis of Research Methods; Quantitative

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This can also be in a manner quite negative in nature to the results, for this leaves no room for the researcher to probe further on to get the desired reaction or answer in the fear of forcing the answer to be a misrepresentation of the true beliefs of the test subject, or by streamlining them to give an answer that may be a reflection of the researcher himself.

Also, since the results that do end up being concluded are a result of test subjecting in usually an unnatural setting where the variables are shifted around to create different probable scenarios, the result is an amalgamation of if’s and maybe’s. The possibility that these results might not imitate the same reaction that was achieved on the statistical chart is a high one.

Also, another disadvantage that arises while using this method is that the results that it may yield are sometimes too unrealistic or narrow in nature in the context of their information. That is, they may only be a reflection of only a proportion of the field that is being studied. This is why the validity of such a result becomes quite questionable.

Another feature of these results is that although, the result may prove to be a statistically sound analysis, entailing all the attributes that are necessary in the manifestation of the exposition of the field of work, it may however be what is known as ‘humanly insignificant’. As quoted in Reason, P and Rowan, J (1981), ‘Some things which are numerically precise are not true; and some things which are not numerical are true.’

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