Essay: Analysis of Rescue Dawn

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Essay: Analysis of Rescue Dawn

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Looking at his facial expression when acting, Bale looks like he is doing the real thing. He has a very stun look, which makes the enemies scared of him while on the contrary, it is he to be scared. Although his facial expressions are scaring, his words do not seem serious. After the guards and the military group torture him, he does not sound scaring to them but instead talks jokingly as if talking to good friends. This makes him achieve his objective for he makes them very annoyed with his behavior for they want to see him humiliated but he is not.

Bale has acted as a character who is involved in tasks he has always dreamt of since he was a child. He wanted to fly as a pilot and by acting as a navy pilot; he is half way fulfilling his dreams. The fact that he started acting in the challenging positions when he was very young makes him fit very well in this position. This implies that he is not only accomplishing his dream but also furthering his visions of being one among the best actors. He is risking by finding other captives of his group in the prison camp and he is the one to organize how they can escape. He is not only courageous but also daring by considering how he is undertaking his plans.

Through his facial expressions, Bale looks like he is real in his acting. This means that it looks like the real happenings in the society rather than mere acting. He very well fits in this position and it is better when he acts in similar positions rather than lesser pones in movies.

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