Essay: Analysis of the Reception Theory

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Essay: Analysis of the Reception Theory

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Not all scholars thought or commented positively about this film as James Agate evidences it. According to Agate, the film was not quality at all “I thought the photography quite good, although nothing to write to Moscow about; the acting middling and the whole thing a little dull” (Newman, et al, 2003, 150). At first, it had to make a loss of around $150,000 since it was facing a very strong opposition. It was due to it good production, good music and good them that was practical that it made it a success.

Reception theory has the main goal of identifying the wide rage of all interpretations and reactions that happen at a specific historical moment. In efforts to achieve this as a reception theorist, one needs to recognize the diverse variety of the subject positions and social identities each film viewer adds to the world of cinema (Corrigan & White, 2003, p. 495). Citizen Kane challenges the social identities of all the audience when it attempts to show the immoralities in the society. Most of the characters turn into drunkards and in fact, the wife of the main character has become a drunkard and left his husband to stay alone. He suffers from loneliness and dies while he is very much alone in the house. To prove antisocial character in the main actor, there is a post by the gate with the words “no trespassing” to prove how he wants to remain alone. There is also the prove of power of money since the time when Kane is rich and powerful, he has a number of friends who pretend to be trustworthy but as soon as he becomes poor and looses his power, all the loved ones abandon him. The threats Welles received as he tried to release his film are also a proof of social morality in the society.

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