Essay: Analysis of the Play All my Sons

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Essay: Analysis of the Play All my Sons

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Keller is committed to being responsible in the society as well as to his family and for that cannot stand the suffering of his son. As a show of his selfishness, he is at first of the opinion that he was right when he delivered cracked cylinder heads to the pilot since it brought money to his family. He knows that Steve Deever is innocent since he is the one who committed the offence but he is not ready to accept the fact. He is of the belief that it his act gave his son, Chris the opportunity to inherit the businesses of the family.

Keller even tells Miller that his family is the most important thing to him and if otherwise he can even shoot himself. Miller presents himself as a great man when he tells Keller that he is having a narrowed view to the things happening in the world. In the end, Keller commits suicide, which is a show of cowardice for he is not ready to go jail. Even though he is depicted as a courageous man, he ends up committing suicide in order to let his son free from his guilt. Larry is of the opinion that he is ready to die for his country and thus he is not a coward.

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