Essay: Analysis of There goes the Neighborhood

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Essay: Analysis of There goes the Neighborhood

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Dover is initially occupied by people from Eastern Europe and is a very organized society, however, with time, the neighbor, mostly consisting of Africa Americans begun to inhabit Dover and the whole society changed as they began to compete for the limited social amenities. As the population increased, crime rate increased and the local language began to change from English due to the rising number of Hispanics flowing to Dover. The clean town of Dover began to be litter as the authors note, “these people are coming in and things are changing. They are putting graffiti everyone” (ibid 60). This forced the original residents of Dover to begin to exit from Dover moving downhill.

Archer Park consists of mostly Latinos and is a Mexican experience after the whites, who are the initial inhabitants, exited. Language is a barrier as loyalty lacks due to the majority of people being Spaniards. The neighborhood is littered due large number of Mexicans who come to Archer Park and fail to return.

Majority of the residents of Groveland are African Americans since the original white residents have already exited the area since the end of WWII. Though the Whites discriminated the African Americans, currently, there is not violence and the society is well organized without incidences of graffiti everywhere and clean environment. The employment population has increased from 59% to 65% from 1980 to 2000 (ibid 133). It is worth noting that, this is the only Chicago neighborhood where population has increased. In Groveland, there are no racial tensions and the African Americans have remained United but hated the whites in their neighborhoods. Residents of Groveland have displayed a high degree of loyalty even though there has been an increase in the unemployment level the African Americans have remained very kind to one another. They have been able to share their voice together and have not exited like in other neighborhoods.

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