Essay: Analysis of narrative Perspective

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Essay: Analysis of narrative Perspective

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It is not only enough to take notes for a student or any other regular profession in academic or professional works. It is therefore important that one should be able to critically evaluate data (especially in academic circles) for easy comprehension of summarized data (Clift, 2000). One should be able to effectively evaluate data and come up with a viable summary. It is also important that evidence is availed when comprehending any given data. Other points of view that pertain to the subject should also be availed for proper comprehension of data. It is because of this reason that taking notes using stance comes in handy. Stance taking analyses narratives in three perspectives which are Epistemic, Affective and mannerism.

In the conversation between Bob and Ann, Bob refers to David’s old tricks but doesn’t explain what old tricks he refers to (in the first sentence). Upon further inquiry by Ann, he discloses that David was becoming a Game player. From this analysis, we can analyze patterns of epistemic stance whereby Bob depicts certainty of what he is talking about by referring to David’s old tricks as being a Game player. When Bob further discloses that he thought the day was going to be a good day, he expresses doubt as an epistemic stance. He says he thinks the day is going to be good; which is an epistemic evaluation of doubt.

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