Essay: Analysis of the Novel Naomi

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Essay: Analysis of the Novel Naomi

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The novel Naomi brings back the memories of Japan in 1920 as it emerged with little contact with the western culture.  During that time, the women have well defined responsibilities and no woman could choose a male partner. However, with westernization, the modern woman, characterized by Naomi has no limitation and has no role models. Therefore, they have to set their own standards in Japan. Naomi is the representation of the westernization that was forming in Japan and since Joji wants to pursue this westernization and break ties of the traditions, he has to pursue Naomi. Her power is admired by many girls of her time since felt that they were oppressed, however, in the present modern Japan, she is hated with passion.

In the novel, Joji is displayed as an educated humble man, aged 28 years who has broken from the Japanese traditions moving to the city to be more civilized. His love, Naomi overshadows his goals and he offers her everything she desires as she takes command of him. Naomi has many western attributes that includes her name but is illiterate. She adores the western culture as she is westernized through Joji. She enjoys the western culture lifestyle that encompasses frequent visit to theatres and viewing the pictures in the western magazines.

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