Essay: Analysis of Metaphor

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Essay: Analysis of Metaphor

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In this case, arguments will be viewed differently, experienced differently, carried out differently and talked about differently. Peace is being advocated for and people live happily and at peace with each other. No enmity among people. There is not only cooperation but also mutual respect and friendliness among people (Haser 152).

Argument as war on the contrary is metaphor that makes people live in fear. No one is free to talk about an argument in this case since he fears it might result to war and eventually to all the evils associated with war. No single person is able to trust his friend since he is in constant fear that war can arise at Any time. People even see the end result of a very small argument to be war (Schatz & Gutierrez- Rexach 49).

Imagining of a situation in which every time the word argument is mentioned, people think of war makes the whole scenario full of sympathy. Every time a person finds some two or more groups arguing, he starts fearing the consequences of a fight. He does not see the argument as just an argument that can end without fight but instead, he is sure that war must break.

Although arguments can be of different types including academic discussions, in which each participant is trying to drive his point home, it becomes very difficult to engage in any of the type of arguments. People feel secure when they are doing things on their own rather than in groups. A person feels comfortable when he is secluded form the other people. There is no cooperation and unity among people due to the fear that an argument can arise and later war. Since people prefer being on their own, it is difficult to unite people to perform any form of task. There is no friendliness in this kind of a scenario.

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