Essay: Analysis of M.Butterfly

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Essay: Analysis of M.Butterfly

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The affair the diplomat has with the actor makes him gain power in the embassy of the French and the power is even noted by Toulon, his commander for he compliments him of the success he has. Toulon remarks, “Some of us have to be content with the wives of the expatriate community” (Hwang 45) referring to the happiness the diplomat should have for be in an affair with a French actor. It is power that makes the diplomat be able to befriend and date the actor. As the diplomat is being taken home before the treason charges are raised, his commander asks for the actor’s number. This fact as well as that of referring them as people who others should be contended to have affair with, shows that the French women are powerful and attract a number of suitors.

The power of women is seen in what is referred to as the strength of a woman. This is evidenced by the way Gallimard is not able to determine the sex of Song even after staying with him for 20 year (Uchiyamada 71). It is also noted when Gallimard says that he was, “once loved, and was loved by very simply, the Perfect Woman” (Hwang 77). Even after realizing the truth that Song is a man, Gallimard does not want to accept the situation and thus refers him as his “perfect woman” (Hwang 77). He is so much obsessed with the love of the man he always thought to be a woman and I fact the right woman for him. He cannot accept the fact that he is not a woman and says, “This skin, I remember, the curve of her face, the softness of her cheek, her hair against the back of my hand” (Hwang 89). This proves the power of a woman who digs deep into a man heart and the man is left to feel it very hard to erase the memories from his head. He continues to refer to Song as a she rather than a he even after the truth has been revealed to him. He does not feel so much hate towards Song even after he realizes that he was out to destroy his political secrets by revealing all his secrets to the authority. He should feel betrayed but this is overcome by the strength of the power of a woman (Hunter 274).

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