Essay: Analysis of Harry Potter Films

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Essay: Analysis of Harry Potter Films

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The most interesting thing in these films is the fact that wizards are depicted as old people who are ruthless. Even though Potter is a wizard, he is an easygoing person who is out to defend the defenseless. The films are meant for children but there are so many scenes of death such that they can make children frightened. It is of paramount importance to note that Potter is out to avenge the death of his parents. This shows the love that he has for his parents to the extent that he cannot let anybody, no matter how strong he is, to go away unpunished. The theme of love is good for the targeted audience since it makes them to value their parents.

The fact that the three boys are in Hogwarts School makes the movies a darling of school going children who happen to be teenagers. Because the main theme in the films is death makes it gain critics from parents who complain that a children’s piece of literature is not supposed to be focused on death. On the hand, the love of his parents is the driving force behind the escapades of potter as he goes around hunting for the dark wizard. I would not recommend the films for very small for it can instill fear in them. The fact that Potter is punished for going against the school’s regulations is a plus in the films for it shows the viewers that they should always be responsible.

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