Essay: Analysis of It is Hard to Know what People Believe in

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Essay: Analysis of It is Hard to Know what People Believe in

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The spider woman is introduced to represent the uncertainties people have in their faiths. They flock to Pelayo’s house after getting the news of the “angel” but most importantly are to see the miracles he can perform. (Márquez 43)They want to see the miracles so that they can have a physical touch to their faith.  Since the old man is only capable of performing minor miracles when thee spider woman appears and is capable of telling tales which are easily understood, they forget the old man and move to the spider woman. The old man is very contended with the chicken coop even though many think that he is heavenly. This shows that the pilgrims in the story have no faith at all.

Though the old winged man is as strange as the spider woman is, people lose faith in him after they realize that he has nothing real to offer. They seem to have faith in the spider woman even after learning that she is an outcast. They believe that the old man is an angel from heaven but they forget him because he is not able to perform a major miracle. It is a good thing for one to stand by his faith no matter the shortcomings he may notice.

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