Essay: Analysis of Happy Life of Macomber

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Essay: Analysis of Happy Life of Macomber

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It is worthy noting that a married woman should be faithful to her husband but Margot proves otherwise. It is through the eyes of Wilson that the reader becomes sympathetic to Macomber since his wife has gone against the morals of the society and decides to stalk Wilson. In one way or the other, the reader is made to understand that even though Wilson is wrong in sleeping with a married woman, it is as if he has no option since Margot is out to do anything to get him sleep with him.

Wilson understands that lashing the natives is illegal but at the same time, he sees it as a kinder treatment as opposed to making them lose money through fines. He makes his own rules that satisfy his own thoughts. When he realizes that a woman who has hired him for safari might oblige to his sexual advances he carries a double bed and that is why he is not bothered by the fact that Macomber knows that they are having an affair. The author introduces Macomber as a fit man who is well built but in the end, he accepts that he is not fit enough. It is against the law to hunt down game from a vehicle, but Macomber thinks that chasing after animals on foot is a child’s play. He observes, “He wants — and needs — the adrenaline rush of danger. (Hemingway 9) He enjoys seeing animals try to outrun his vehicle.

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