Essay: Analysis of Hamlet

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Essay: Analysis of Hamlet

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After staging the play within a play, Claudius becomes aware of the reasons as to why Hamlets’ behavior has been weird and decides to send him to England from where he has written a letter ordering his death. Claudius does all this to make sure that he has protected himself from the revenge deeds of Hamlet. He has to be accompanied by his best friends to England; Guildenstern and Rosencrantz. The ship in which they travel in to England is wrecked and although Hamlet manages to get out safe, his two friends are killed. This is the end of Hamlet’s journey to England and he thus gets back to their country. These deaths are attributed to Hamlet’s slow acting in that if he had killed Claudius immediately after he got the first opportunity, Claudius would not have been alive to send him together with the two friends to England where they face their deaths.

After Laertes learns from Claudius that Hamlet is the one who killed his father, he decides to revenge on him. He is very upset and emotionally affected at the funeral of her sister, Ophelia, “O treble woe/ Fall ten times treble on that cursed head/ Whose wicked deed thy most ingenious sense/ Deprived thee of” (Hamlet 5.1, 246-248). He blames Hamlet for the deaths of both his sister and father. The two try to wrangle at the burial but due to the last respect they should show to Ophelia, they decide to meet for a fight in a raged ground. Laertes with the help of Claudius are going to rig the fight so that they make sure Hamlet is killed. They poison Laertes’ sword so that by stabbing Hamlet with it, he will die. Further they plan on how they will poison the drink he has to take after he wins since he will have to toast with Claudius.

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