Essay: An Analysis of existentialism and Structuralism

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Essay: An Analysis of existentialism and Structuralism

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The quest to promote human existence is a process that stands justified in the human family. Almost every policy in any state is about human emancipation. The principles underlying the concept of sovereignty in most states are also grounded on existentialism believes. Bill of rights for example, entrenched in most constitutions is based on existentialist ideologies (Cotkin 295).

This therefore, is an indication that existentialism is in conformity with certain human inclinations and more so freedom of the will. This is a conscious desire that no man or institution can deny, for to deny it is a contradiction.

Man occupies a very special place in the universe and as such has the responsibility to determine his/her destiny. It can be argued and justifiably so that the highest level of lack of authenticity or self-alienation in man is when s/he abandons his/her duty for the sake of pleasing others. Humans cannot enjoy freedom of will if they lack control of their lives.

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