Essay: Analysis of self esteem-programs in schools

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Essay: Analysis of self esteem-programs in schools

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Due to such challenges, there is a dire need for schools for schools to develop programs that would enable self esteem to be imparted in the learners through the academic programs taught in school. The programs introduced in school would be vital in ensuring that the poor modern social lifestyles are taught, the manner in which to address the social challenges addressed and the student made aware of their personal worth, capabilities and potentials and the need to have self belief (Wadsworth, Connor-Smith, Compas, Alexandra, Thomsen & Saltzman, 2000).

According to various assessment of the modern parenting patterns, children nowadays have low self esteem due to the fact most of the their family role models, parents, are under achievers, have low self esteem and believe in fate rather than exploitation of their potentials. School programs to enhance self esteem would cater for the needs of orphans and students whose social and cultural backgrounds do not offer any hope for the future (Feldman, 2008). Lack of school programs that aim to enhance self esteem could lead to students having high yet very fragile and inconsistent levels of self esteem.  The situation is normally worsened whenever children believe that they do not get the necessary support they ought to get from their parents (Greenberg, 2008, pp.48-55).

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