Essay: Analysis of self esteem-high self esteem

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Essay: Analysis of self esteem-high self esteem

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It is important to understand that high self-esteem in the student could as well mean that they think well of themselves regardless of whether or not the perception is based on the mere wishful deception of self or on substantive achievement to be made in life (Greenberg, 2008, pp.48-55). Parental efforts to enhance high self esteem do not pay attention to the negative effect of high self esteem.

It is therefore crucial to develop self-esteem enhancement programs in order to ensure that the teachers ensure a reasonable balance on both the positive and the negative high self esteem in the students. Bullies, aggressors, rude and war oriented people are normally people with extremely very high esteem that is never beneficial to their future. Teachers even ensure emotional arousal among the students through development of necessary emotional arousal in the students by teachers. Negative parenting skills and behaviors normally contribute to children’s low self esteem and poor behaviors (Chao, 1994, pp.10116-11118). In schools, different programs to enhance student self-esteem help in the improvement of poor performance in academics, prevention of poor health and sanitation and in resolving the subsequent associated problems that are related to defiant social behaviors.

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