Essay: Analysis of Epistemic stance

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Essay: Analysis of Epistemic stance

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The conversation between Bob and Ann has a series of epistemic stance. In the conversation highlighted by Bob’s reference to David’s old tricks as a game player, it shows an epistemic depiction of certainty in what Bob is talking about. He however expresses doubt about the hidden agenda regarding the day’s visit which is also an epistemic stance expressing doubt. Bob expresses the view that David is up to something when he talks about the hidden agenda and this expresses an epistemic form of seeking views of a participant. This is further enhanced when he tells Ann that he thinks David is up to no good by shopping around and looking for appropriate people. Ann becomes surprised because she thought otherwise of David.

An epistemic stance of view point is also depicted when Ann asks Bob what he made of Bill’s performance at the shop that day. Bob replied that Bill was alright and adds that he talked to a lot of customers that day. This is a depiction of Ann seeking bob’s views of Bill. Bob also asks Nick what he thinks of the product in their shop and Bill answers that it was terrific. This is also an empirical stance of seeking the view if Nick. When Bob talks of Robert passing on a good rapport to the customers at the shop, Ann blurts out “Fabulous”. This is an affirmative depiction of certainty in the way she thinks of the issue (creating good rapport to the customers). When Bob narrates the conversation between Todd Jones and Nick, he exposes the move by Nick to call up Todd’s secretary and inquire how far she sat from Todd’s office. This is a manifestation of Nick leaning on Todd’s secretary as a source of knowledge. Bob and Ann comment on the matter and Bob asks Ann “have you finished with it?” This is an empirical stance of imprecision. From the analysis of the conversation, the way in which empirical stance is used doesn’t cluster in any particular way (Karkkainen, 2006).

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