Essay: Analysis of The Doll House

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Essay: Analysis of The Doll House

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Just as it is true that today’s women change their spending as their income changes, the plays open with Nora coming from shopping for Christmas. We learn from Nora’s husband that she has spent more than usual just because her husband has a new job.  Just like a woman, Nora wants her family to have a more comfortable life. When she realizes that their marriage cannot work, she slams the door behind her and leaves proving that she is changing to today’s growing woman. She realizes that she can make it without the identity of being either a mother or a wife. She comes to understand that her husband cannot understand her and values the public persona to his private one.

Krogstad plans to betray Nora simply because her husband wants to leave his job. He threatens Nora that if he is forced to leave his position, he will tell of their contract to her husband. This is a less realistic issue in that Nora fears the threat but it is a small issue since she spent the money together with her husband. Oppression of women as it is evidenced by the life Nora has to lead is less realistic since this is ending. Women are realizing that they can live without marriage or motherhood titles.

By leaving without any occupation like Mrs. Linde is also less realistic since just like she resolves to look for a job, women are working and supporting themselves. They no longer want to be dependent.

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