Essay: Analysis of When Death Comes

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Essay: Analysis of When Death Comes

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The speaker is well aware that death is unpredictable and it comes without warning. As such, the author tries to take us through life and its beauty. The manner in which life is depicted, illustrates that there is more to life than we can enjoy and overcome the threat of death.  The accomplishment that we make in life should be the standards through which we should be judged or else we will be visitors of this world.

Nevertheless, as much as the author tries to be optimistic in life, it also implies that she has despaired. The lack of control over death makes her to cherish the life she will have lived before her death. Human beings more often than not are known to follow the persona’s perspective of life. Death being the greatest threat, it is only wise to treasure what we own in this world (Dallas).

Objectively, it is difficult to agree with the persona’s ideas and believes about death. Firstly, the speaker feels that after we are all dead our souls will live on and death will not have anybody to prey on.  This is a grave assumption that the writer makes because of the simple logic that we all will not die together.

The persona glorifies life. If then life was so good that it carries the memories that will be relived in death, why is it that the suicide rates keep rising? The persona fails to capture the miseries of this world. She views life subjectively, which leads her to overlooking the reality. To some people death is not a bad phenomenon at all.

It is imperative that the objectivity of the Persona be upheld and she appreciate that death is a characteristic of human life. We become escapists and unreal if we tried to run away from admitting the ever-threatening death.

Life after death should not be used to fill empty promises in the people’s minds rather it should be used to help people confront death courageous.

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