Essay: Analysis of Coming of Age in Mississippi

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Essay: Analysis of Coming of Age in Mississippi

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To access food was big tussle. The book explains Moody’s family depended on leftover food from Mrs. Cook’s house.  Moody was traumatised by the kind of food that they fed on all through and when she was given some money by her father whom her mother despised; meat came to her mind since they had been on beans for long. Besides, housing was no better as most people lived in small rotten shacks houses. At Aunt Cindy’s place, there was no a toilet to say the least. The bigger and better houses were left for the white population.

The family institutions were not spared either as many could not remain intact. According to Moody her family fell apart as her father became a perpetual gambler and he came home as he pleased. Sometimes, her father would spend all the money rolling dice and on women. He could openly see Florence who was a widower left behind by his friend. Domestic violence was common in the life of Moody. She suffered threats of violence from her uncle George who constantly got beat her up besides her father. Her mother was used to yelling that Fred usually made at her.

Segregation on the basis of race was rampant to an extent that some legal clauses did allow for it.  In fact, Moody reveals that it was at a very young age that she experienced the ‘Jim Crow’ experience. Needless to say, among other institutions that brought down the black population was the legal institution which had allowed for mistreatment of the blacks.. In addition, the education institution which was segregated along racial lines implying that some schools were categorically established for one race.

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