Essay: Analysis of the Color Purple

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Essay: Analysis of the Color Purple

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Shug tries to convince Celie that there is a God but at the same she should not treat men like a God since they are all human beings. The opinions of the women in the novel are not acknowledged since the men they are living with do not allow them to have their rights. After Mr.—- marries Celie, he proves to be a man who is not ready to show her love. Before she marries her, he has a lover by the name of Shug whom he goes and brings her to their home after she falls ill. Shug is not a coward and shown by the discussion between Mr.—- and Harpo “Shug act more manly than most men . . . he say. You know Shug will fight, he say. Just like Sofia.

She bound to live her life and be herself no matter what.” (Walker 76) Mr.—-‘s son, Harpo is not good either when it comes to his relationships with women. Sofia proves that she would be submissive to him and that is what leads to their separation. Through the life of Nettie, the reader is made to understand that women are capable of fighting for their own rights. She runs away from their abusive stepfather even though her elder sister has been living with him under terrible circumstances. When she seeks refuge at the home of her sister, Mr. —– advances makes her to run away again, where she goes and befriends missionaries who sent her to Africa.   If it were not for her courage, then the truth about the whereabouts of her sister’s two kids may never be known. Though they are raised by Alphonso believing that they are his biological children it is through her investigations that the reader learns that he is their stepfather. Sofia and Kate also prove to be courageous for they are not ready to lie down and accept abuses from men just because they are women. Kate encourages Celie to stand for her own rights and reject abuse from her husband.

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