Essay: Analysis of Ceremony

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Essay: Analysis of Ceremony

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Although he is educated from the schools run by the whites, he does not like their culture, which he considers faulty. He prefers the traditions of the Native Americans. To start with, Tayo is torn between ideas, as he is a mixture of cultures and with no biological parents for his guidance. He is left in the hands of his grandmother and an aunt who does not care much about him, she prefers her son Rocky. She is ashamed of the evil act Tayo’s mother did and is not prepared to take good care of Tayo.

This makes Tayo feel depressed and invisible, as he should suffer the actions of his mother. The fact that he is an half breed, makes his aunt hate him more and this further torments his feelings. The grandmother together with the uncle, Josiah know that the aunt does not love Tayo but only pretends in front them while in real she hates him. This hate makes Tayo feel secluded and depresses him the more in life. The fact he will only feel save when he is in the hands of the grandmother nut very sad in the hands of the aunt makes him more withdrawn. His aunt shows him clearly that he has to suffer the evils of his mother and even secludes him from his son, this is adds the feeling of withdrawal on him.

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