Essay: Analysis of the Novel Ceremony

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Essay: Analysis of the Novel Ceremony

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Tayo gets his formal education from the schools run by whites but this does not make him feel a part of them. The fact that they treat the native Americans cruelly and he has his backgrounds in them makes him feel withdrawn from their company. He hates their cultural practices and thus does not make him see the need of associating with them. When he remembers how they are forced to shoot a group of native Americans, where his lovely uncle is makes him hate them the most. He thus cannot like anything to do with them. The native Americans have to endure so much suffering and this does not make Tayo different from them since he has their blood in him no matter how much he pretends. He thus cannot pretend to be comfortable in the society of the Americans when he is aware of what his brothers on the other side are undergoing.

He witnesses a number of quarrels from his grandmother and aunt and this makes him feel more of a bother to them than a relative, their responsibility. This is evidenced more after the war when he has to see a doctor but his aunt opposes the idea simply because, “You know what people will say if we ask for a medicine man to help him. Someone will say it’s not right. They’ll say, ‘Don’t do it. He’s not full blood anyway”. This makes him feel embarrassed of his condition and thus withdrawn from their company. The aunt proves that she does not care about him and does not see it as a responsibility to take care of him but only a burden left to them. She only gets close to him after his son dies and this cannot make Tayo feel comfortable in her company. He understands that he only takes care of him simply because he is the only option left for her. The grandmother argues that she will send for the medicine man and “Let them talk if they want to” showing that she has unconditional love to his grandson. He cares about his healthy rather than the talks of the people, which the aunt is worried about. This love makes Tayo have the feeling of belongingness although it is not enough to make him feel whole.

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