Essay: Analysis of The Catcher in the Rye

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Essay: Analysis of The Catcher in the Rye

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At Edmont, the elevator operator, Maurice promises to send Holden a prostitute for five dollars and sure enough, he sends one known as Sunny. When she pulls off her dress “he starts feeling peculiar” and lies to her that he had a surgery on his backbone thus, he is not fit enough for sex, but he still pays her. (ibid 19) When Maurice comes for his dues from him, he declines to pay, something that earns him a punch in the stomach. The following day, which is a Sunday, he wakes up at ten o’clock and calls his former girlfriend by the name of Sally Hayes who considers very attractive. At a sandwich bar where he is eating his breakfast, he discusses with two nuns about Romeo and Juliet. Jane Gallagher’s mother answers the phone when he tries to reach Jane and he just hangs up. He decides to look for his young sister, Phoebe but he is told that she might be in the Museum of Natural History but not at the central park by one her schoolmates.

It is after he meets Sally that he gets someone whom he can talk to about why he feels unhappy in school.  He offers her chance to away together to Massachusetts or Vermont, but she refuses and he calls her pain in the ass, something that makes her mad. Holden meets a student in the Columbian university by the name of Carl Luce who used to be his advisor at Whooton School. They meet in a bar where they drink some whisky but Luce leaves early after their conversation bores him. He calls Sally when drunk and asks her about their Christmas Eve plans. He decides to go to central park a place he visited often as a child to watch ducks but he gets lost on the way and by the time he gets to it, he is very cold. He decides to go home and wake her sister up who forces him to admit that he was expelled from school.

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