Essay: Analysis of Battle over Citizen Kane

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Essay: Analysis of Battle over Citizen Kane

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With the weaving and interlacing of ‘live’ reports and extended pauses, with sound effects that reflected pain and hysteria, he built up an intricate web of a careful fusion of these triggering elements to heighten suspense and evoke fear, where every octave of his voice, as it dipped and raised, in essence managed to control and rivet the listeners’ attention. Finally, building it till it climaxed, and panic ensued. As William Alland quotes, ‘Orson said, ‘what do you mean interrupt? No way. They’re scared? Good, they’re supposed to be scared.’”  Despite the ‘it was absolutely bedlam’ scenario that William Alland narrates after the shocking event of the broadcast, the surprising element was the ensuing consequences of the result, even Orson Welles himself stated, ‘people who tried it in other countries were put in jail, and I got a contract- Hollywood.’(Battleover Citizen Kane)

The contract that he managed to land was regarded as something ‘that people inHollywood, you know, would kill to have.’ (Peter Bogdanovich). At this point he was only twenty five with the greatest contract at that point that guaranteed him ‘complete script control, director control, producer control, cast control- everything you know- and no questions asked. And this was unheard of.” (William Alland). This may have happened essentially due to various factors that were already paving the path to his success, from being regarded as a child prodigy- ‘from the moment I was able to hear, that I was absolutely marvellous.’ Orson Welles- and to his brilliant enacting of Shakespeare’s Macbeth using an all black cast and turning it ‘into spectacle, a pop thriller set inHaiti’ and the success that followed- ‘everybody who was anybody in the black or white world was there’- was soon to leave a lasting mark on the world of art and drama. (Battle over Citizen Kane)

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