Essay: America’s Involvement in Different Wars

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Essay: America’s Involvement in Different Wars

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It is of paramount importance to consider the geographical position of America and history of America. After the necessary struggle against the British colonial war that ceased on 4th July 1776, it is located in a remote peaceful geographical region neighboring two big oceans, Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean and two countries, Mexico and Canada. In reference to the location and the neighbors, the US should not be at war with any nation in the world. Unfortunately, after gaining independence an now being governed by Americans, America has been at war in more than 80 years in the 20th century (Edmonds, 1203-1367).

Among the most famous wars that America has been involved in is the WWI, WWII, the Cold War, the Latin America gunpoint diplomacy, War in Afghanistan, War in Iran, and War in Middle East where it has blindly supported the Israelites. She has taken part in the Mexico revolution, Sudan’s Darfur crisis, Libya bombing and Grenada and Panama invasion among many other wars. This has left the Americans to remain in lasting fear and tension since they can be attacked any time due to the nation engagement in war with other countries. Despite the degree of fear, America’s neighbors have remained very peaceful (Wiarda & Skelly 169-182).

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