Essay: America’s grievances’ against England

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Essay: America’s grievances’ against England

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The Americans had many built up anger and pain against Britain during the initial steps that marked the beginning of the war. These grievances were however fueled up with economic and political reasons behind the scenes to play an active drive role into steps to ignite the battle. For instance many scholars of political science like Buel, Richard (2006), states that criticism directed to President James Madison greatly played a contributory role to start of the war.
During the time, President James Madison was criticized for his failure to stand up against Britain  injustices to U.S. Therefore, faced with daunting task of election in late 1812, James Madison had only two options to either negotiate with Britain or go to war to increase his popularity and prove his capabilities for leading this great nation. As a result, when diplomatic approach failed, Madison asked the congress to vote on war. Fortunately, 19 to 13 rotes in senate and 79 to 49 rotes in the house of representative; was a go ahead command on war on Great Britain on 18th June, 1812.

Buel, Richard. America on the Brink; How the Political Struggle over the War of 1812 Almost Destroyed the Young Republic: (Gordonsville: Palgrave Macmillan, 2006), 273

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