Essay: America’s educational curriculum Substandardizing

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Essay: America’s educational curriculum Substandardizing

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The gains of these movements were later further reinforced during the periods of World War II and the Civil Rights Movement, resulting in the formation and consolidation of a thriving public school system across America, accessible to all Americans, irrespective of their social or cultural background.  Unfortunately, both the Common School Movement and the Civil Rights Movement lost their momentum and could not capitalize on their initial successes in this domain.

This was marked by their failure to convince the federal and state legislatures to realize the importance of making provisions for standardized educational textbooks across all regions of a state and, in turn, across all states of America in the context of arriving at a truly standard national curriculum.  This failure has therefore resulted in an educational system that, though egalitarian in the broader sense of the word, still carries the traits and inefficiencies of the very discriminatory system that it was meant to have replaced.

This in part has been made possible by the make-up of the American system of education, which in its present form comprises of the United States Department of Education (ED) at the federal level, working in concert with respective educational departments of all the fifty states, which in turn liaise with a multitude of public- and private-sector organizations at various levels of the community to formulate and implement their educational policies.

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