Essay: American History: Early British Colonies

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Essay: American History: Early British Colonies

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The colonies settlements had some similarities which included small groups of people who had left England to settle in the America. Jamestown and Plymouth were primarily set up by companies to be used as plantation sites for corn and turn profits for their parent companies in Britain.

In contrast, the settlement that was to be set up in Massachusetts Bay Colony by John Winthrop and the Puritans was primarily to be a religious one that was to be based on the ideal society (Bradley, 2004). It was different in that it did not have a parent company (that is a board of governors) in England.

Secondly the colonies were to be used as resettlement schemes for the English migrants to the United States. Jamestown and Plymouth served as the agricultural settlements whilst the Massachusetts Bay Colony served as the refuge area for the Puritans that were fleeing England.

Whilst their political systems varied, these three settlements had one thing in common which is a central governing council. The early histories of these colonies were written by their respective governors. Each colony like Jamestown, Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay Colony had a local central governing authority that preserved law and order.

The colonies also were very similar in terms of evangelism being English they were all Christian and as such they all set up a churches Captain John Smith states in his writing. Governor William Bradford in his accounts states the Mayflower compact about their duty to God and the King James 1.

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