Essay: American history of colonial times-cultural diversity

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Essay: American history of colonial times-cultural diversity

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Cultural diversity in the colony was influenced by wealthy farmers and merchants who hired services of private teachers or send their children to schools in England therefore, they dint have interest in establishing public schools or to support education Tidewater. In addition, the dissemination of farming and plantations made it difficult to form schools. The desire for learning continued at the borders of established communities, however primitive Scots-Irish were firm devotees of scholarship, and they made great efforts in attracting educated ministers to their settlements (Crevecoeur, 1782).

First immigrants in New England came with their own little libraries and continued importing books London. In early 1680s, Boston booksellers dealing with  business of  literature, history, politics, philosophy, science, theology and belles-lettres and  first printing press was established 1639 in the English colonies and the second in North America was installed at Harvard College (Crevecoeur, 1782).

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