Essay: America and the Muslim states

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Essay: America and the Muslim states

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Any interventions by Americans around the world meet with excessive resistance from the Muslim states. This has affected the way America operates ranging from international trade to other governance agenda. The result is a less influential country despite its position in the world as the supper power (Michael, 2011, p. 113). Americas allies have also suffered the same agonies for believe by Arabs that they have similar way of doing things. However, America has some of the strongest strategic plans and well-furnished foreign policies. It therefore enjoys much support fro many countries due to its strength on the economic platform.

Uniqueness of Turkey as a Muslim state

Turkey is a Muslim state that has been in the forefront in ensuring that peace is found in the Middle East. It therefore serves as a vey good example to the developing countries as it has not been associated with taking sides in this conflict (William, 2001, p.221). Besides, this small nation has shown great improvements in the growth of its economy compared to other Muslim states associated with the war in the Middle East.

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