Essay: Alternatives to Incarceration

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Essay: Alternatives to Incarceration

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Several other programs are run under ‘Alternatives to Incarceration’. Two counties in the state of New Jersey acted as focal points for these programs, The Essex and Warren Counties. As a result, their programs are discussed below;

The Warren County Alternative Sentencing Program is run by Warren- Hamilton Community Action Agency offering a vast range of service ranging from assessment, counseling, educational, intensive supervision, rehabilitation, enhanced information services to community service so as to address the need for reducing expenses stemming from individuals serving jail terms. In addition, the Warren Pretrial Release Program is run by the Warren County Probation Department for purposes of providing criminal clients an opportunity to be interviewed so as to determine their eligibility of release from jail. The interview assesses a defendant’s qualifications for release through release on one’s own recognizance or release under supervision. This service is provided mostly to court clients who are unable to post bail initially (McKelvey 95).

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