Essay: Alpha feto-protein (AFP)

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Essay: Alpha feto-protein (AFP)

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As a result of this mutation, Alpha feto-protein (AFP) gene in Down syndrome fetuses was totally absent on 2nd-trimester maternal serum screening confirmed on the amniotic fluid.  The absence Alpha feto-protein (AFP) gene (Michelson 219), of which at birth it was normal, implies that albumin rate was reduced whereas alpha1 and beta protein fractions were increased within the amniotic fluid sample of the fetuses with Down syndrome as opposed to that of the control group. The suggestion is that the Alpha feto-protein deficiency in DS in fetuses may modify the distribution of protein.

In another study, Henry et al. (2007) carried out a study on the blood counts of the fetuses affected by Down syndrome. By examining complete blood counts obtained in the first week of life (1 week) fetus which counted to a total of 158 fetuses with Down syndrome.  The results of his study found that neutrophilia, polycythemia and thrombocytopenia were the most common abnormalities in and were the most common hematologic abnormalities occurring in 80 percent to 33 percent of the fetuses.

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