Essay: Aligning Technology Strategy with Business

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Essay: Aligning Technology Strategy with Business

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According to Umbaugh, “Aligning technology strategy with business needs is one of the most frequently identified problems facing corporate IS executives” (Umbaugh 188).  Considering that the IT department is the backbone of the institution, it needs to be aligned to the company needs to deliver the best services to the  firm. In order for the information technology operational gap is closed, it is imperative that it communicates effectively with other departments. It should respond to the problems existing and consider the likely solutions. The solutions should align to the firm’s goals and objectives. In order to ensure that the organization-automated systems are validated all the time, the IT department should carryout periodic checks and trouble shoot any likely problem. It also needs to keep in touch with the top management about the changes taking place in the IT industry so that the firm had up to date systems.

On the other side, the company’s top management needs to evaluate whether the IT department sufficiently meets the firm’s needs. It also has to evaluate whether the needs of the IT department are adequately met since it is a very crucial department in the global village. Thirdly, it has to consider whether the strategic needs of the firm are align with the IT needs. Considering the importance of this department, the management  needs to guarantee that that there is continuous communication between the other departments and the IT department. Proper and effective communication among all departments creates a conducive working environment since all the department share the firm’s strategies in harmony.

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