Essay: Alexandria police Department-safety Issues

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Essay: Alexandria police Department-safety Issues

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This has left the police officers outnumbered, out gunned and in great peril. Safety and security is becoming harder and harder. There are just a myriad of threats that its so hard to keep with the most recent development, says Daphen  (2009-06-12). Another major problem which has plagued this department has got to do with when a crime suspect is gunned as the last option. All the department faces are calls for prosecution of the officers involved and calls for the police chief to resign.

The public fail to realize that policemen and women are human beings and hence must defend themselves especially when they are faced by armed criminals who are not willing to lay down their arms or to surrender when ordered by the enforcement officers to do so.The fear of public criticism and outcry has made this department to lose several dedicated officers in the past through the bullet   of the criminals. Another problem which has been chronic since the inception of this department has to do with injuries to our peace officers when they try to stop illegal gatherings and to break drunken brawls. This is usually because the enforcement officers are not ready to use excessive force on the public.

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