Essay: Alexandria Police Department-New Security Products

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Essay: Alexandria Police Department-New Security Products

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Basing on the current security situations in the world, it was better if the department came up with new security products. International security in now under siege by terrorism thus necessitating the fact federal government should give contracts to departments such as this and collaborate with it to boost international security. This is by availing funds to for such undertakings and supervising the same (NCIS 1999).

This role by the government will not only benefit the US citizens but the world in general. In this case, the government will be the client and the police will be the service providers. Anti-terrorism services are among the products the department can offer.

Looking at the September 9th attack on the US it becomes necessary for such smaller policing units to work with other senior investigative departments such as the FBI and the CIS. This is justified by the fact that those that plan and execute such plots are people who reside in the estates and are in close contact with the police (Maguire and John 2006 p. 34).

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