Essay: Alexandria Police Department-Mission of the Organization

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Essay: Alexandria Police Department-Mission of the Organization

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As stated by the mission of this organization, information within this department is regarded with a lot of confidentiality. To ensure this, the department is divided into several smaller departments that operate in synergy to execute their mandates. The department ensures that its information flow within it operational units is very well controlled as well as keeping in touch with the public. In this sense, it is divided in various departments that operated under on umbrella office at the headquarters (Police department).

The strategic response system is the driving force behind the strengths of this police department. Its main functions are to come up with good strategies that can improve service delivery to the public. The board sit in a bi-weekly meeting to strategize after analysis of different occurrences. In deliberates on matters such as where to establish new stations and what to be supplied to various bases and at what time (McDonald 2002 p. 34). Under the current leadership of David Baker, the department has been able to improve teamwork with involvement of all officers whether on duty or not. This has enabled the department to meet most of its target and sometimes surpass them (Police department).

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