Essay: Alexandria Police Department-Decentralization

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Essay: Alexandria Police Department-Decentralization

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Decentralization also means having a wide contact which the customers of police services that is the public. This will motivate the officers further improving on the qualities of the services. Faster and efficient data processing will be achieved. Since the distance to cover to achieve this is minimal (McDonald 2002 p. 33). Coordination skills will improve as various stations will be able to devise better methods of coming touch with the public. Generally, decentralization will make the force more receptive to issues of security and other emergencies that call for their services.

However, decentralization comes with some mishaps. The idea that officers are located at different places will limit some of the services that require professional approaches (Goldsmith et al. 2001). Since the number of officers is not up to par with the number of station many people will want to have, there is a probability of limiting the required professional attention a matter requires. This usually results in sub-standard services thus compromising public security. Personnel training will be more expensive if many training units are established to train staff at places where they are based (McDonald 2002 p. 29).

In 2004, the department had to relocate some of it facilities to pave way for constructions near it headquarters (police department). This amounted to decentralization of some facilities that heavily affected negatively on service provision. A decline in levels of communication in main investigative arms made the department loose touch with trend of crimes, both new and emerging. It resulted in a response that fragmented into many sub-sections that proved weaker than when the services were amalgamated. Efforts carried out jointly were also affected since they became more difficult to plan and execute (police department).

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