Essay: Alexandria Police Department-Crime Section

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Essay: Alexandria Police Department-Crime Section

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Another sub-section dealing with investigating crime scenes is also included here. This section is tasked with the duty to reach at crime spot, asses and report the findings prior to investigations. The criminal investigation sections carries out interrogations on suspects and investigates all crimes considered more serious (Police department). The final sub section is the media init which offers information to fellow policemen and the public security details they are supposed to know.

This ensures constant contact between officers on the ground and the public giving them a friendlier working environment. The media service unit works closely with both the electronic media (TV and radio stations) and the print media (daily news papers, weekly articles and many other).this subsection also keeps in contact with the public by operating telephone lines for emergencies. In addition, this bureau is assigned 65-80 volunteers who are diploid basing on the situation on the ground and their availability (Police department).

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