Essay: Alex and Derek King

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Essay: Alex and Derek King

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The case of Alex and Derek King is the case of two minors who make it to burn their father to death with the accomplice of Rick Chavis who did not help them directly but helped them to hide after they have committed the crime. The two kids are away from home for ten days and because they fear their father, they decide to hide at Rick Chavis’ who agrees without a second thought; he does all he can to make sure that they are not seen by their father when he comes looking for them (King).

Alex and Derek are the sons of Terry King born in the years 1990 and 1989 respectively. They have had a very tough life with their father who physically abuses them for all the crimes they commit no matter what. They are fed up with their father’s abuses and even doubt whether Terry king is their real biological father and feel that they are pushed to take the course in their own hands. It is on one Sunday after a thanksgiving that Derek decides to kill their father by the use of a baseball bat and set the house on fire moments later (Patricide in Pensacola). After they are caught, they plead guilty of their charges and even explain how they did it. They are charged of first degree, second degree and later third degree murder and thus Alex and Derek are sentenced to seven and eight years respectively in prison.

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