Essay: Aircraft Accidents

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Essay: Aircraft Accidents

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The rarity of the happenings of aircraft accidents makes it difficult to have conclusive data on the real causes of accidents since each accident seems to be unique.  Aircrafts are machines, which are susceptible to breakdowns, but with great care by the people handling them, it is possible to minimize these breakdowns. It is common to find out that the relevant authority has access to the black box.  This box stores the last details of communications between the pilots and the staff on the ground. This gives the relevant authorities the chance to get to the root cause of all the accidents that happen.

As much as it is important to make sure that the plane is technically in good condition before take off, then so much attention ought to be paid to the crew of the aircraft to ascertain whether they are mentally prepared to undertake the flight.  ICAO acknowledges the importance of ascertaining the mental preparedness of all the cockpit crew and as a result, they make sure that a pilot is fully rested before he or she starts a flight. The level of alcohol in a pilot’s breadth is measured since it is well known that drunkenness increases the probability of human error. If the level of alcohol is past the recommended levels, which are 0.00 in most countries in addition to the pilot having not drunk for the last six hours before a flight, he cannot be allowed to go ahead with the flight. A pilot should be rested enough before starting another flight.

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