Essay: Aims of Human Resource Strategy

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Essay: Aims of Human Resource Strategy

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Some of the difficulties faced by the organization are as follows:

1)      Resistance to change– employees resist change because they have to learn something new. Human resource managers face a problem in convincing the employees to adapt to the changing needs when new strategies are implemented which may result in the failure of many well conceived efforts.

2)      Budget– due to the integration of human resource development and organizational strategy various policies are formed for which the company lacks financial aid.

3)      Uncertainties– the organization is uncertain of the policies that they have formed. It is always a concern for the Human resource managers whether the policies formed would yield them a positive result or not.

4)      Lack of information system-the company faces a problem if they are not updated with the new strategic policies. It is essential for an organization to be updated in order to meet the changing needs.

According to Human Resource strategy theorists (e.g. Salamine, 1992; Tyson, 1997), ‘the aims of human resource strategy process are typically concerned with devising ways of managing people which will assist in the achievement of the organizational objectives. In addition, one can hope to see within the strategy- formation process, the official version of how senior management believes policies, practices and philosophies will contribute to organizational performance’.

There are four strategies that are employed in order to integrate the organization structure and the human resources , there are; job redesigning, job analysis, team building, management change and job analysis.

The human resource managers are forced to redesign their work force due changes in the technology, globalization, increased competition in the industry, and uncertainty among others with the main objective of meeting the changing organization needs. The traditional functions of the human resources capitalized on administering the employees and operational activities such as the payment of employee among others, (Mathis., Jackson, 2007 97-159)). However, with the increase in technological changes and changes in the globe, the human resources has been forced to incorporated into the organization with the objective of increasing employee productivity and ensure the firm remains at a competitive. These changes require the human resource management to redesign its operations.

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