Essay: Agriculture and climate during High Middle Ages

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Essay: Agriculture and climate during High Middle Ages

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There was the Medieval Warm Period of the 10th to 14th century that was characterized by gentle and relatively warm interval until its end after the start of the Little Ice age.  Farmers of Scandinavia grew wheat while those of northern England grew wine grapes although they were able to expand their vineyards in the Little Ice Age Period (Rowley 91).  Due to their efforts in farming, the farmers managed to protect the Europeans from famine and thus enabled the populations of the Europeans grow in size although there was a major drawback in 1315 when famine killed around 1.5 million Europeans.

The increase in population during the period of the High Middle ages was very beneficial to the Europe since it led to so many improvements and developments.  To begin with, the increase in population demanded for increase and formation of new towns which led to urbanization which was accompanied by increase in economic and industrial activities. New farming methods were invented and this led to increase in food production; these new farming methods included three field system allowing growing of several varieties of crops and thus preventing depletion of nitrogen from the farming soil. Heavier plows were used to increase farming and while initially oxen were used to pull the ploughs, this was replaced by horses.

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