Essay: Age and Gender Issues for Voting Politicians

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Essay: Age and Gender Issues for Voting Politicians

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It has been argued that gender of the candidate is considered depending on the political position contested for (Fowler, 2006). It has been found that if the position been contested for is related to female matters, the politician considered for the position will be a female. This implies that the male counterparts will loose votes automatically since they are seen as been less fit for the specific position. However, big positions are seen to be fit for the male candidates rather the female counterparts (Fowler, 2006). The position of the president is seen to be automatically belonging to the male candidates. If this position is contested fro by both male and female counterparts, the female candidates are likely going to loose the votes to their male counterparts.

Age has also been considered when voting for a particular candidate. In countries where many of the voters are young people, they will vote for a young candidate for they belief that he understands better their problems. They feel close to this type of candidate and they are sure that he will be able to address their issues as well as offering them an opportunity to approach him or her. This way, they feel more protected and are sure that they will have a better future by relying on a young candidate. This way as Dey (1997), the voting exercise will be controlled and determined through peer pressure. However, high political positions need a bit aged politicians for they are thought to be more experienced with life issues. Further, these types of candidates are seen to have better ways of solving complicated issues which may arise in the high political positions. This further results to aged candidates been elected over young ones.

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