Essay: African American Crime

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Essay: African American Crime

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Crimes are sometimes a result of individual’s strain within the environment (Dubois, 2000) according to a study carried out through African American crime. The society in question had undergone through major changes in the political arena which consequently raised the society expectations. A large portion of the population had various life difficulties that inclined them to achieve them through crimes (Schmalleger, 2005).

It is therefore noted that the strain theory can be analyzed through the functional aspect or through the structural aspect. Through structural aspect, there is more stress on the way things work; It is examined the nature of a criminal event or the process of committing the criminal action with a look of the connections between these aspects and their level of interdependence of these variables. On the other hand, the functional reason is found upon the basis that certain structural characteristics are parts of an overall system (Schmalleger, 2005). This contributes to the reason why things happen in the manner that they do. Social systems are mostly founded on the parts that make them up and when one part fails to perform these functions, then it subsequently leads to strain. If this strain continues for along time, then chances are that the entire system could fail.

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