Essay: The Affects of Fast Food Restaurant on Obesity

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Essay: The Affects of Fast Food Restaurant on Obesity

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According to a research carried out by Currie, et, al, called The Effect Of Fast Foods Restaurants On Obesity, the level of obesity among the citizens has increased very fast since 1970 and the number of fast food hotels has doubled since then. The increase in fast foods restaurants is therefore concluded to be directly related to the increase in the level of obesity among the children.

The increase in obesity has posed the victims of several diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, high blood pressure and some kind of cancer. The link between the fast foods and obesity is based on casual links when considering that children have also unlimited access to other forms of unhealthy foods. Currie et, al, notes that “the presence of a school within a tenth of a mile of a school is associated with at least a 5.2percent increase in the obesity rate in that school (relative to the presence of at .25miles)” (Currie, et al, 30). The findings of this research also revealed that the limiting the availability of fast food in residential areas could have little impact on controlling the chances of access of fast foods that catalyze to obesity while limiting the proximity of fast food restaurants to school could have aid to limit the chances of obesity (ibid 31).

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