Essay: Affects of Consistent exposure to violence in video games

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Essay: Affects of Consistent exposure to violence in video games

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The consistent exposure to violence through video games has various implications on the psychological wellbeing of children as well as adolescents. In particular, Anderson and Bushman (2001: 355) indicate that it leads to development of aggressive behaviour, fear, sleep disorder, depression and desensitization to violence. Since children usually learn by observing and imitating, they end up assuming the characters observed in the media.

Emergent research indicates that video games enhance the violence, retaliation, sexual abuse, drug use and abuse and isolation in adolescents (Gentile et al. 2007: 42). Their interactive nature enables the children and adolescents to rehearse the entire script that goes through the stages of provocation, making choices to respond in a violent manner and resolving to conflict. In addition, Karen (2003: 71) argues that the video games tend to have an addictive effect that makes the adolescents and children to have the urge to play it over and over. This only leads to mastery of the violent tactics depicted in the same.

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